Meet Marcus

Headshot of Marcus Timothy Haworth

I am a second-year Doctoral Student in Theology (World Religions and World Church) with Graduate Minors in Moral Theology/Christian Ethics and Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, IN, U.S.A.

My research and teaching interests focus on the intersections of mission and evangelization, ecclesiology and theological epistemology, and modernity/coloniality/decoloniality and peace, especially as these foci pertain to South-South theological connections, North-South theological dialogue, World Christianity and Global Catholicism (especially within the African context), the formation of theological imaginaries, violent conflict, peacebuilding processes, and the promotion of the common good.

My academic interests and areas of expertise include: Christian Mission, Missiology, Ecclesiology, Theological Epistemology, Modernity/Coloniality/Decoloniality Studies, Peace Studies, Moral Theology, Catholic Social Teaching, Christianity in Africa, Catholicism in Africa, World Christianity, Global Catholicism, Synodality, and Interreligious/Interfaith Dialogue.